Raúl Sojo Montes walks with his lens in North Carolina

Raúl Sojo Montes began photography at a very young age, holding the hand of his father

Fabricio Ojeda Díaz

Photos and videos about Wilmington and its surroundings have kept the Caracas native Raúl Sojo Montes entertained these days, and we at Visite Wilmington feel delighted to have him as a guest and see ourselves through his lens.
He was still in diapers when he tried to snatch a camera from his father and the image was frozen in time because he squeezed the shutter button in front of a mirror. Perhaps this premature action – more than the journalism lineage of his mother and grandfather – defined his future as a photographer, social communicator and audiovisual producer, with eyes that, like lenses, don’t stop photographing everything that they see.
Once, while writing his résumé, he arrived at the conclusion that the one who is passionate about photography no longer observes, but rather composes or frames mentally. He wrote at that time, “The camera isn’t always at hand, but the eye of the photographer never rests,” as he confessed in an interview with colleague Oscar Medina in Sala de Espera, a great Venezuelan magazine.
Today, Raúl Sojo Montes has turned that phrase into his battle cry, and he is a renowned landscape artist whose paintbrush is the finger that captures the image and prints it on the canvas, as a modern plastic artist that takes advantage of technological resources to create “paintings” with pixels and photographs on roll-up canvases that can be transported comfortably regardless of size.


El Ávila


These days, this South American creator has a broad career at Coronel Sumaq Producciones. The impressive audiovisual productions (which can be seen here) show that he is enjoying himself in North Carolina. With his camera, he hasn’t stopped capturing landscapes, people, and situations, as he did from a very early age, when he went on trips to nature spots with his father, the also-photographer Raúl Sojo Valenotti, who he describes as his greatest mentor in the world of nature photography. His father taught him the great value of the photograph and of the perseverance that it achieves.




A stubborn traveler, “who wants to keep a graphic record of however many places they visit,” Raúl Sojo Montes has combined both passions in order to fill his portfolio with impressive panoramas of Venezuela and the world, urban and natural, “from New York to the Great Savannah, from Prague to the Torres del Paine,” as he describes in his blog http://raulsojomontes.blogspot.com/, where he shows some of the works of his exposition “Venezuela Gigante.”


Playa Manzanillo


Outside of his work, in addition to capturing marvellous landscapes on canvases, this young Venezuelan has dabbled in 3D photography – in digital acrylic and laser silhouette – immortalizing once again El Ávila, the natural wall that watches over the north of Caracas and separates it from the Caribbean sea and its blue-green glory.

Ávila 3D

Currently, Raúl Sojo Montes is about to add to his photographic and audiovisual work the facet of being a writer.


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